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Elevating the ambiance of your outdoor spaces

Bring Beauty & Vibrancy to Your Property at Night with Professional Landscape Lighting

Coastal Illumination is the premier choice for quality landscape lighting in Palm Beach and all throughout South Florida. We specialize in custom outdoor lighting solutions for finer residential properties & estates, golf & country clubs, resorts, & other properties of distinction. We design and install landscape lighting systems that will transform your outdoor space into a magnificent display of beauty and artistry. Our experienced team of professionals are passionate about creating unique, customized lighting designs that will bring out the best in your property. We use the highest quality LED lighting products and employ innovative lighting techniques to produce stunning results that will increase the value of your property & enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Learn more about how Coastal Illumination can bring a new level of life & vibrancy to your property at night.


Our Portfolio

Every lighting project we take on reflects the unique character and functionality  of the property as well as the personal preferences of the property owner.

Get to Know Us

Learn more about our team and what sets Coastal Illumination apart from the rest.



We specialize in crafting bespoke lighting designs tailored to discerning tastes. From luxurious residential estates to prestigious golf clubs and resorts, we excel in enhancing properties of distinction with our signature lighting expertise.


By seamlessly integrating lighting elements into the natural surroundings, we ensure a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality, enhancing the allure of your outdoor space while maximizing its potential after dark. 


We work closely with each client to design tailor-made lighting solutions that perfectly complement their unique vision and lifestyle. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we turn ordinary landscapes into extraordinary showcases.

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